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Premium Fucoidan Immune Support Gut Health

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Premium Fucoidan from Maritech and Active Hexose Correlated Compound Immune Support Gut Health
Our highest strength Fucoidan formula, combined with Active Hexose Correlated Compound for significant immune-boosting effects.

PREMIUM & CLINICALLY TESTED FUCOIDAN. Premium fucoidan from Maritech is the only organic and clinically tested fucoidan on the market today. Hand-harvested Wakame seaweed from the pristine ocean waters of Patagonia and Tasmania.
✔️GENTLE EXTRACTION PROCESS. Unique solvent-free extraction technology, developed and used exclusively by Marinova, produces a fucoidan extract that remains unadulterated in chemical structure and free from undesirable residues. The mild, aqueous process also ensures the resulting extracts comply with the most rigorous quality standards and regulatory requirements.
✔️CONTAINS ACTIVE HEXOSE CORRELATED COMPOUND. Contains Active Hexose Correlated Compound (alpha-glucan), extracted from Shiitake mushroom mycelium, helping to boost immunity.
✔️UK MADE & HIGH QUALITY. This product is manufactured in the UK to GMP standards, ensuring the highest quality.
✔️100% VEGAN WITH NO FILLERS, BINDERS OR ADDITIVES. At Uno Vita we believe in clean nutrition which is why you will not find any nasty stuff in our products including any binders, fillers, or additives, unlike some of our competitors.
✔️REVOLUTIONARY ECO-FRIENDLY, PULLULAN CAPSULES. Cheaper supplements use capsules made from plant cellulose which goes through heavy processing and produces non-environmentally friendly, harmful biproducts. Pullulan is the next generation in encapsulation, derived from tapioca and processed with water.

Why choose Marinova fucoidan?
Ingredients originating from China and Taiwan were found by Marinova to be adulterated and a considerable number contained no observable fucoidan. 
Please note: The Active Hexose Correlated Compound used in this product is made from solely shiitake medicinal mushrooms, compared to our mixed formula used in our standard Active Hexose Correlated Compound product. Wakame seaweed is the most trusted source of Fucoidan available and has been researched and proven for its role in promoting your immune system and gut health. Brown seaweeds that are rich in Fucoidan have long been eaten each day as part of the Okinawan Diet; a Japanese island that has the longest life expectancy of any native population.
The Okinawan Diet is based on 100mg of Fucoidan per day.
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These statements have not been evaluated by any official health authority. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Customer reviews on our site are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease.

Further information
Weight 110 g
EAN 698545962855
Shipping Method Signed

Typical amount per capsule:

  • 350mg Active Hexose Correlated Compound
  • 150mg Organic Maritech Wakame fucoidan 85%
  • This is a 100% vegan product.
  • Our capsule shell is made from Pullulan derived from Tapioca.

Suggested use:
As a food supplement for adults.
Take 1-2 capsules on an empty stomach daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Enkelte myndigheter utenfor Norge kan anbefale høyere doser vitaminer og andre kosttilskudd enn norske helsemyndigheter tilrår. Vi tar forbehold om at artikler eller lenker vi viser til, kan anbefalinger som ikke er i tråd med norsk regelverk. Uno Vita hevder ikke at produktene vi markedsfører, kan kurere sykdom, selv der dette blir påstått av andre vi kan ha vist til. All bruk av kosttilskudd foregår på eget ansvar og bør skje i samråd med helsefaglig kvalifisert personell. Konsulter din lege om du er i tvil

The evidence
More than 2000 independent, peer-reviewed research papers have been published on the bioactive properties of fucoidan. This extensive body of evidence includes comprehensive in vitro investigations, animal studies and human clinical trials. Research into the therapeutic properties of fucoidan has largely focussed on the six key health indications identified below. The following summary of global research findings is provided for educational and scientific research purposes only.

Immune health Research focus:

  • Mobilisation of stem cells
  • Increased antibody production
  • Increased phagocytosis
  • Direct inhibition of viral entry
  • Decreased allergic responses

Extensive research has been undertaken on the immune-modulatory properties of fucoidan. Published papers have reported that fucoidan may exert a range of beneficial effects on the human immune system, including the reduction of allergic responses and the activation of dendritic cells, natural killer cells and T cells. It has also been shown that fucoidan has the potential to boost important anti-viral and anti-tumour responses.

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Cancer Research focus:

  • Cell cycle arrest or apoptosis in cancer cells
  • Increased immune clearance of cancer cells
  • Decreased metastasis
  • Inhibition of angiogenesis

Fucoidan is most widely known and used for its potential anti-cancer properties. A considerable amount of research has been undertaken in this area, with some researchers proposing that fucoidan not only increases patient wellbeing, but also assists in the treatment of disease. The potential for fucoidan as an anti-cancer agent is explored in several review publications, including those by Fitton (2015)Kwak (2014) and Lowenthal (2014).

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Digestive health Research focus:

  • Prevention of pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  • Improvement in gut microbial balance
  • Decreased inflammatory processes
  • Modulation of liver enzymes

There is rapidly growing interest in the potential for fucoidan to address a range of human gastric health indications. Published research has already reported a range of beneficial effects of fucoidan on models of digestive function, including the amelioration of debilitating conditions such as colitis and gastric ulcers. Fucoidan also has anti-pathogenic properties that may be beneficial for gastric function, as well as a strong research record in liver and kidney health.

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Anti-inflammatory Research focus:

  • Direct inhibition of receptor binding
  • Prevention of inflammatory cell accumulation
  • Inhibition of inflammatory enzymes COX-1, COX-2 and LOX-15
  • Reduction of allergic and UV induced inflammation

Fucoidan shows potential therapeutic anti-inflammatory activity, particularly as a selectin blocker. Fucoidan has potential to be remarkably effective in addressing systemic inflammation, as well as local inflammation in the digestive tract when orally ingested and on the skin when applied topically. The mechanisms of action may include inhibition of inflammatory enzymes and increased integrity of cellular junctions.

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Cardiovascular health Research focus:

  • Improved serum lipids
  • Decreased inflammatory processes
  • Improved tissue vascularisation
  • Modulation of irregular coagulation

Fucoidan has the potential to support cardiovascular health in a number of ways. The ingestion of certain fucoidans has shown potential to regulate serum lipids and cholesterols, which are key factors in the development of vascular diseases. A recent human clinical study using the polyphenol-rich fucoidan complex, Maritech® Synergy, recorded a statistically significant increase in the ‘good’ cholesterol, HDL, over a 12 week period (Murray 2021). The propensity of fucoidan to reduce cardiovascular damage may be enhanced by the ability of fucoidan to block scavenger receptors on macrophages, which may reduce LDL cholesterol uptake into artery walls (Park, 2016). Research has also demonstrated that fucoidan has potential beneficial effects on blood pressure, coagulation and tissue vascularisation.

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